Very busy few weeks

I’ve been too busy to post anything for quite awhile. I finally have a little break this afternoon so I thought I’d toss up a few from the last few weeks. it’s been crazy busy.

First one is a product shot for a line of silicone food storage bags. What I love is the light I used; North light from an overcast sky. Does it get any better than that.


Second one is for a bridal supply outfit. Just a quick, fun shot, but the model was great fun.

IMG_0045 copy.jpg

Third one is one of over 20 shots I did for OneAZ Credit Union. I got to travel the state to photograph all of their branches. One of my favorite kind of gigs.

001_20 Roadrunner Dr, Sedona copy.jpg

I can’t forget the mascot for NAU, the mighty Lumberjack. Shot him in conjunction with the OneAZ shoot.


There were a quite a few more product shots, an interior, and a few other people who were great in front of the camera. But, this is enough for now.