I had a great day yesterday, really great. Ya know how some people in your life become something more than friends? Well, I got to play with a couple of those people. Ana, the woman is these images, is family. Love that woman. I've been photographing her since I began my career.  Christy and I have been friends with her for decades. On top of that, we needed a place to shoot up in Phoenix so my old buddy, Paul Markow, let us use his studio. AND, throw in my friend and make-up artist, Melissa, I worked with in Kansas City and who now lives in Phoenix, and I'd say I had a perfect day!

There are so many images from our shoot that I love, but I chose these few to share. Way to go Ana and Melissa, you two made for a great shoot. And, Paul, my brother, what can I say, thanks a million for letting us come play in your studio.