What to say about us? A lot has happened since that first picture was taken by my buddy, John Hall, on our first date in 1978.

As for myself, I've been shooting commercially a bit over 42 years. It's a great life. I love it. My client list has included Banner Health, Expedia, Chevron, American Express, SCORE, CNA Insurance, Westcor, Farnam Companies, Hypercom, Best Western, Western National Insurance, Chicago Apparel Center, America West Airlines, Armour Dial Corp., dozens of magazines and retailers around the world, and more. My fashion work has appeared in Vogue, Bride, Modern Bride, W, WWD, and many more magazines worldwide. I've shot pretty much everything imaginable from 60' underwater (Ask me sometime about the Moray Eel that thought it would be fun to slide up into my bouyancy vest) to the top of snow covered mountains (Decided to ski down. Big mistake. After falling, walking, crashing into trees, and tumbling most of the way, I made it down in only 3 hours}.
I'll travel anywhere there's light. Actually, if there isn't any light, no worries. I'll bring my own...

And Christy, well, all I can say is, “Wow”. She’s an art history major who spent years modeling all over the planet. That combination is enough, but, toss in years of designing and building custom homes, and she has a perspective on creativity that’s hard to beat. In addition to shooting, she’s a wonderful stylist and I have to admit a lot of my images wouldn’t be nearly as nice if she hadn’t been there to oversee things. I refer to her as the brains of the outfit, when, if I’m honest about it, she’s the brains and the personality. Everyone loves her. And to top it off, when she’s behind the camera she has an eye for imagery that blows me away. You can check out her work on her site, Willo Art. Truly beautiful imagery.

The best way to contact us is usually by email. We’re shooting more often than not and can't always get to the phone when we’re working. If you'll drop us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks.