Men's fashion

Shot some men’s scarves today for a client back in Brooklyn. Our poor model, Michael, was wrapped up in scarves, trying to stay cool while we shot in 107 degree weather. Personally, I think he did a great job. We had a good time. These are just a few of the shots. Another full day tomorrow and we’ll have this gig wrapped up.

200_simonphotographic copy.jpg
201_simonphotographic copy.jpg
202_simonphotographic copy.jpg
203_simonphotographic copy.jpg
205_simonphotographic copy.jpg
206_simonphotographic copy.jpg
207_simonphotographic copy.jpg


Spent a week in Los Angeles photographing a few Oil Stops for Chevron. Got to hook up with my old friend, Halstan, meet some great guys during the shoot, and get out of the heat in Tucson for a little while. Pretty nice week…

001_simonphotographic copy.jpg
002_simonphotographic copy.jpg
003_simonphotographic copy.jpg
004_simonphotographic copy.jpg
005_simonphotographic copy.jpg


While I was in Kansas City for a shoot I had the chance to get one of our models, Veronica, in front of the camera a couple days after the shoot. We had a great shoot in an old warehouse. She is something else in front of a camera, we created a lot of images I really like. These are just a few of them.

Rehersal for NPR

My buddy, David Fitzsimmons, was rehearsing an upcoming show for NPR earlier today. I grabbed my gear and went over to create a few images of the cast of the show. These are a few of my favorites. Just click on the image to scroll.

Just for art's sake

Nothing to do with work, but sometimes the light calls to me… If that makes any sense. We had a stormy day down here in Tucson and the mountains behind our house were calling to me. So, I grabbed my camera and fought my way through a forest of cholla cactus to get to the top of a hill to create this image. Remind me next time to wear something other than Tevas when I’m hiking through a mess of cholla.

The final image is about 20x100 inches and is a combination of 70 exposures. Now if only I could figure out how to make a living shooting things like this!

Pusch Ridge copy.jpg

Autum and scarves

Shooting scarves for on of my favorite clients back in New York. As usual, Autumn is rocking it as the model. We’ve shot around 30 of them and have about 10 to go. It’s been a fun shoot.


Very busy few weeks

I’ve been too busy to post anything for quite awhile. I finally have a little break this afternoon so I thought I’d toss up a few from the last few weeks. it’s been crazy busy.

First one is a product shot for a line of silicone food storage bags. What I love is the light I used; North light from an overcast sky. Does it get any better than that.


Second one is for a bridal supply outfit. Just a quick, fun shot, but the model was great fun.

IMG_0045 copy.jpg

Third one is one of over 20 shots I did for OneAZ Credit Union. I got to travel the state to photograph all of their branches. One of my favorite kind of gigs.

001_20 Roadrunner Dr, Sedona copy.jpg

I can’t forget the mascot for NAU, the mighty Lumberjack. Shot him in conjunction with the OneAZ shoot.


There were a quite a few more product shots, an interior, and a few other people who were great in front of the camera. But, this is enough for now.


I’ve been working on a series of images for a client who markets gloves. Autumn, the model in these images, did a great job working with the gloves. It’s not easy to model winter apparel when it’s 103 degrees. Way to go, Autumn, you did an amazing job!


Great shoot

Christy and I worked together on this one. Shot cutting boards for a client in Utah. We had a lot of fun, Christy did an amazing job of styling, and I’m really happy with the images. These are just a couple of them.


Steppin' Out

Had a good time with this one. Photographed about a dozen pairs of shoes for a client in Florida. Apparently, I’m way out of the loop when it comes to shoe fashion! We didn’t photograph a single pair of Teva’s (My favorite footwear). Shows what I know, eh?


New Client

Ya know what's fun for me? Well, aside from basically enjoying life in general, what I do, who I know, and everything else? Getting a new client. This is the first shot I did for a brand new client. I thought it was very thoughtful of whoever orchestrates rainbows to drop one into the background for me.

001_simonphotographic copy.jpg

The 80's

I came across a folder today of a mess of shots from the 1980's. Had to share them. Some I recognize from shoots for Vogue or Bride, some from a shop over in LaJolla, some from a shoot in Chicago. They're pretty much from all over the place. Fun times. Especially the last one of me with two models from a shoot for Bride. I'm still friends with the model on the left of the shot, Tina. I loved getting her in front of my camera.


I had a great day yesterday, really great. Ya know how some people in your life become something more than friends? Well, I got to play with a couple of those people. Ana, the woman is these images, is family. Love that woman. I've been photographing her since I began my career.  Christy and I have been friends with her for decades. On top of that, we needed a place to shoot up in Phoenix so my old buddy, Paul Markow, let us use his studio. AND, throw in my friend and make-up artist, Melissa, I worked with in Kansas City and who now lives in Phoenix, and I'd say I had a perfect day!

There are so many images from our shoot that I love, but I chose these few to share. Way to go Ana and Melissa, you two made for a great shoot. And, Paul, my brother, what can I say, thanks a million for letting us come play in your studio.

Black and White

I have a shoot coming up tomorrow that's going to be a lot of fun. Very fashiony (Is that a word?)/glamour/beauty. We're going after images that will evoke feelings. I hoping for responses that are something more than, "Oh, that's a nice picture."

I've been playing with some post production techniques to get a bit of a head start on the look I have in my head.


Some old fashion shots

This was fun to come across. I was digging through some old files and came across a couple shots I did for Neiman Marcus back in the early '90's. Fun stuff...


Head Shots

Tossed together a small sampling of some head shots I did during about a six month period a while ago. I still think there's nothing much better than a good old fashioned black and white headshot.



I was going through some imagery yesterday looking for a specific shot. As I was looking around I came to realize just how many images I've created for various universities around the country. Thought I'd toss a few of them up here. There's quite a few. Just click on the image and you can scroll through them.

We were busy!

I was having a bit of a slow day so I spent some time bouncing around the web. I pulled up the website of my buddy, Jamie Schatz to see what he's been up to lately. Living 2,000 miles apart these days we don't really get the chance to grab a beer and catch up. While looking through his site I was reminded of how much work we did together during our time in North Carolina. Man, we worked like crazy! I've roughly figured that during my time back there I created somewhere around 15,000 images for various ads, websites, posters, mailers, catalogs, you name it, we created an image for it. It was a crazy time.

Anyway, this is just an incredibly small sample of what Jamie and I did together. I'd probably fill up the web if I posted all of them!