I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it. There's just nothing quite as nice as a good, clean head shot. I love capturing the light that's in everyone's eyes. That little spark that makes them, them. Ya know what I mean?



Too cute

What I do for a living is always fun, but, sometimes, it's even more fun that usual. I donated some time to my friend Mary who runs the Maricopa County Animal Care Facility to photograph Stella. She's going to be featured on a van wrap for the Facility (Stella, not Mary). Stella was a complete ham in front of the camera. We had a great time.



Just for fun

I donated a couple hours to photograph a really great group of kids. They're a local jazz band... Well, actually, they're based locally, but they've traveled internationally and won about a million awards for their music.

Since it was a gig for the fun of it, I got to play with my post production. I gave the images a feel that I thought felt like a smoky, dark, jazz bar, like the one's I used to go to in Chicago.

You can learn more about them here:


Byron Browne Law Group

Okay, now this was a great shoot. I actually shot this a couple months ago, but I had to wait until the campaign went live before I could post anything. This guy was great, we had a ball. For the last shot here we build an entire lawyer's office in the studio. These are just a few of the images we created that day.

Byron the Lawyer.jpg
Studio Session-937.jpg

Building a menu

We (Jess Suworoff and I) spent all day yesterday shooting food for a restaurant that will be opening soon up in the Phoenix area. Jess is probably the best food stylist I've ever worked with, which makes this sort of shoot a pleasure. The client, another Frank, was great, too. All in all, a very nice shoot.

Studio Session-010-Edit.jpg
Studio Session-067.jpg
Studio Session-171.jpg


Once in awhile I get someone in front of my camera and it's magic. Everything just clicks. I love it when that happens. Alyson and I have done a few commercial shoots together, but this was the first time we got to relax and play a bit. I'm lovin' what came out of the session.

Alyson-087-Edit (1).jpg

Tasting Panel Magazine

Nice little shoot for Tasting Panel Magazine. Photographed Aaron, a bartender at a casino near Tucson, AZ. He has a special drink he's invented and the magazine did an article about him and a few other bartenders around the country who have their own drinks.



Talk abut a dream shoot. I shot for, covered an area from St. Augustine, Florida, to Los Angeles, California. It was great, I felt like a tourist. Had to share a couple images from the east coast to the west.

IMG_0821 copy 2 copy.jpg

Banner Health

Recently finished a nice gig for Banner Health. I photographed around 100 of their buildings around Arizona. I love gigs like this, I got to drive from Southern to Northern Arizona photographing their properties along the way. I had a great time. Here's a few of my favorites.

La Sala -847.jpg
La Sala -848.jpg


Photographed a group having an Avalon themed Halloween party. It was a lot of fun. These are a few of my favorite shots from the night.